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Spiers,C., (2012). A no-nonsense approach to stress management. Occupational Health, 64(6), 16-17.
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Managing stress does not cost money and is not complicated. What managing stress does entail is employee recognition, good communication between coworkers and management. Spier also mentions that if management does not become involved with the workers to reduce stress, workers will become unmotivated and will eventually lead to an increase in staff turnover rate. Being overstressed can also kill people and the person will be overstressed when they get home and will effect family life.

Talley, L., M.S.N.C.N.M.W.H.N.P. (2013, 01). Stress management in pregnancy. International Journal of
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Managing stress in pregnancy will lead to a healthier mother and baby. According to Talley there are many ways a woman can help relieve stress while pregnant. Some of these are relaxation therapy and music therapy. Not managing stress during pregnancy can lead to preterm labor and intrauterine growth restricted babies (Talley, 2013).

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Learning to recognize stress can help in managing your stress. Recognizing the reasons for stress, called stressors can help you to avoid stress. Replace unhealthy behaviors with healthier habits to deal with stress. Healthier ways to deal with stress can be: recognize the things you can’t change, get exercise, do something you enjoy, and learn to say no.
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According to Carey, minorities who enlisted before finishing school were more likely to develop war-related trauma. Post-traumatic Stress...