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* Internet Explorer Help Password: techexcel
* Agent s1trav0N
* VPN address:
* Assign all Emeryville tickets without a user to Celis Jayson
* Emeryville IP:
* East Hanover:
* Expense report: 27461
* Facility: 43332
* Create a ticket in IMAN for all Pristima escalation. Also any questions about Pristima contact Kathy Stango and Steve Cuoco.
* contact Wahl Ralf
* H Drive access: \\PHUSCA-S1600\username$
* lab manager: Aruna Jain
* Robert Yard: Mass ave deskside lead
* Vinod Patel: Tech sq deskside lead
* Hai Dieu: V&D team lead
* Jayson Celis: EMV team lead
* Zakir Pathan: EH manager
* Secure mail: Any questions send an email to for info
* IPhone mail server:
* Cisco Portal to edit phone: Https:\\PHUSCACM-Pub\CCMUSER, 5-2-1 password: welcome1
* RCA Console:
* VM system: Https://phuscauc-pub:8443/cuadmin/ User: administrator Password: N0vart1s
* Training folder: G:\BusUnits\NIBR_SD\Training
* MMC into computar: runas /u:nanet\sup_darfe1 mmc
* VWR application: Mark Major
* Ariba application: 24241
* PMP system: 24720
* Lab notebook access: Kenneth Leonards and christina hourican and Ryan Gately.
* MBA Salary planning system: Christine Haverty extension 44118.
* SUP account http://share.nibr.novartis.intra/Departments/NITAS/RCP-Global/Cambridge/serviceport/_layouts/FormServer.aspx?XsnLocation=http://share.nibr.novartis.intra/Departments/NITAS/RCP-Global/Cambridge/serviceport/Cambridge Special Account Request Form/Forms/template.xsn

NVD mobility:


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