Employee Training and Career Development Paper

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Employee Training and Career Development Paper
University of Phoenix
August 21, 2012

Employee Training and Career Development Paper

Knowledgeable and well trained employees are needed in every organization. It is important employees are able to perform all the tasks needed in order to reach the organizations needs and achieve the set goals. As times change, employees may stay behind in skills or may even lack training when it comes to new systems, technology or other procedures that the company may need in order to better performance. That is when the importance of training is more evident. An organization has a large responsibility for their success which is why training, development, and career development is imperative to an organization. This paper intends to explain the role of training and career development in an organization’s development.
Organization’s can improve their success by training an developing their employees. The role of training is constantly being re defined and it is one of the most important parts of an organization’s overall strategy. The company must contribute by providing the tools needed by the employees, as new expectations and needs arise. Training is used to guide employees and improve productivity, quality, work environment, morale, and profitability. It is important for an employer to increase the employee’s productivity because it enables them to help the organization reach and achieve their set goals. Training also enables employees to produce high quality performance. Better training can provide an organization competitive advantage over others in industry. Better performing employees will help companies succeed. Training also helps build good employee relationships.
There are a several employee development methods such as job rotation, assistant-to positions, committee assignment, lecture courses...

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