Ethical Dilemma

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Kathy Scheurich
Business Ethics
January 21, 2011

Ethical Dilemma

Recently at work I received a call from a fellow employee, Sara, to update the log with something that she neglected to write in which occurred six hours prior and concerned another employee. This log is used by upper management for our evaluations and to log our attendance and tardies for the month. The log is also used for any fire alarms or other emergency calls within the hospital. This log is kept on file for one year and can be detrimental to any employee on the bubble for a good evaluation. Sara had a beef with the employee whose absence she had forgotten to log and I was now faced with a decision that might ultimately cost me my job.
Our job at the hospital requires that we work with information provided by a third party and that we should write in the log as soon as it transpires however the information is supposed to be written in at the time of occurrence per company policy and there are other forms to fill out should something be missed and not written in; not just a phone call from another employee.
I felt as if I would have been remiss in making this adjustment to the log as Sara had asked me to rewrite the log in its entirety so that it would not look as though she had forgotten this bit of information. There were a couple of reasons why I felt funny about making this change, one being that due to Sara’s prejudice against this person, how do I know if she was telling the truth or not. The other individual already had several absences reported and one more could mean the loss of her job. I did not want to erroneously report any information. Another reason would be that it would go against the company policy and put my integrity to the test. If I re-wrote the log to include Sara’s missing entry it would turn into a she said she said and Sara would probably state...

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