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Information Systems Study

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Bandon Group, Inc.
CIS 511 – Enterprise Resource Planning
February 1, 2012

    Bandon Group, Inc. is currently attempting to discover how Information Technology can better support the overall missions, goals and objectives of the organization. Data is not currently integrated across the various divisions, which causes a duplication of effort, sub optimized effort and additional expense to the organization (Sumner, 2005). Company has a relatively small information Technology department. With the range of various technical solutions that have been implemented across the divisions it has become very difficult to provide data migrations, network support, and technical support and training (Sumner, 2005).

      Management has also determined that technical solutions need to be implemented in order to stay competitive. Several of their competitors have implemented ERP with integrated CRM solutions. Additionally their competitors have begun to implement e-Business solutions which allow for web based supply ordering, service call entry and meter click reporting (Sumner, 2005). The current technological environment of Bandon Group, Inc. is severely fragmented, which makes it virtually impossible to migrate towards an e-Business solution

      An ERP system facilitates database control in a company, which allows the data transfer process to be uniform and united throughout the various divisions and departments. The foremost advantage of an ERP system is bringing down the costs and saving the valuable time which would have otherwise been wasted in procedural maneuvers and unwanted delays.

      ERP is a merger of three important components; business management practices, information technology and specific business objectives. An ERP solution will provide Bandon Group, Inc. with a comprehensive overview of their business which in turn will influence decision making in a systematic way. The first common goal...

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