Iphne 5 Marketing Campaign

Iphne 5 Marketing Campaign

Apple iPhone 5s Marketing Communications Campaigns

1.Apple Brand : Background

Apple’s ethos

    • To create things that are a pleasure to use as well as being visually attractive and technologically innovative (hellotank.com)
    • Steve Jobs as CEO pushed Apple forward by breaking new ground and changing the way we live in the developed world.

Apple’s brand

    • Apple remains a leader in innovation with a loyal customer following.
    • The brand helped the company to generate $40 in profit in 2012.
    • According to Forbes, a brand can be rated by its financial value and consumer loyalty putting it in number 1 position.
    • The brand is worth $87.1 billion- 59% more than its closest rival Microsoft.

Key Dates

    • 1976 Founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with just $1,300,
    • 1980 Apple was floated onto the stock market
    • 1982 Apple’s sales reached $1 billion a year
    • 1991 PowerBook line of notebook computers was released.
    • 1994 Power Macintosh line was released.
    • 1997 Steve Jobs was brought back to Apple and named interim chief executive officer.
    • 1998 iMac was released.
    • 2000 Steve Jobs, firmly in command as CEO.
    • 2001 The iPod was launched Apple opened its first retail store in Virginia
    • 2005 Video iPod, the fifth generation of the device, was released and pushed total iPod unit sales to 30 million.
    • 2007 First version of the iPhone became available
    • 2008 iPhone 3G was launched
    • 2010 iPhone 4 and the iPad was launched
    • 2011 iPad 2 was launched
    • 2012 iPhone 5 was launched

2. Promotional activities iPhone 5
Apple created a media buzz and speculation before the release of the iPhone 5.
    • September 12th 2012 a press conference was announced...

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