Marketing Management Final Project

Marketing Management Final Project

Marketing Plan Submission #3 - Petite Perfection Bakery

Keller Graduate School of Management

MM522 Marketing Management
Professor Cynthia Mable
April 10, 2012

1.0 Executive Summary 4
2.0 Situational Analysis 5
2.1 Market Summary 6
2.2 SWOT Analysis 7
Strengths 7
Weaknesses 7
Opportunities 8
Threats 8
2.3 Competition 9
2.4 Product (Service) Offering 10
2.5 Keys to Success 11
2.6 Critical Issues 12
3.0 Marketing Strategy 12
3.1 Mission 13
3.2 Market Objectives 13
3.3 Financial Objectives 13
3.4 Target Market 14
3.5 Positioning 15
3.6 Strategies 16
3.7 Marketing Mix 17
Product 17
Promotion 17
Budget 19
Place 20
Price 20
Price List 21
3.8 Marketing Research 21
4.0 Controls 22
4.1 Implementation 22
4.2 Marketing Organization 23
4.3 Contingency Planning 23
5.0 Conclusion 24

1.0 Executive Summary
Petite Perfection Bakery is a startup company located in the Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia. This boutique bakery offers the advantages of sophisticated cupcakes and other pastry products paired with outstanding customer service in a cozy atmosphere. Petite Perfection Bakery specializes in over thirty different varieties of cupcakes along with twenty icing choices. It offers creative cupcake designs and extensive customization. The bakery also serves brownies, cookies, and coffee.   While there are several boutique bakeries in Chestnut Hill, none are able to meet the market specific needs that Petite Perfection Bakery satisfies.
Market research indicates cupcakes are a major trend among young and old. The trend has even spread to the upper class. There is a growing need in the market for fancy, large scale cupcakes. Petite Perfection Bakery seeks to service this segment of the market. The bakery seeks to cater to the young professional female that celebrates special occasions and accomplishments with party and the country club woman that puts on impressive dinner parties and grand galas....

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