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The four functions of management are planning, organizing and controlling. The organization that I am choosing is Nike, Inc. The company started with two gentlemen who both had the same idea of having good quality running shoes made. Bill Bowerman who was the track coach at the University of Oregon always seeked out ideas and designs to make for his runners. Phil Knight who was a runner for Bill Bowerman made a call to Japan to convince Tiger shoes to let him be a distributor in the United States for them. Knight came back to the US and gave Bowerman several pairs in hopes that he would become a consistent client. Bowerman had other ideas and offered becoming partners and providing Tiger shoes his designs. Knight and Bowerman were ready to move onto the next endeavor which would be starting their own company. They selected a brand mark that is still known around the world today as the swoosh. The first Nike line of footwear was debuted in 1972 which was just in time for the US Track & Field trials.
Their mission statement is To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world* *If you have a body, you are an athlete. The strategic goals that Nike would like to strive for are improving their product design, climate/energy, Labor, chemistry, water, waste and community. They would like to achieve a 20 percent reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions by 2015. They also want to be able to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals for all products by 2020. Nike aims to double its profits by 2015, achieve 40% revenue by 2015 and double the sales in the action sports category which currently accounts for $390 million. In order for Nike to reach these goals they need relative market share from its competitors, adidas and puma. Mark Parker is the CEO of Nike. He has been since 2006. Although Mark is CEO he still participates in shoe design. Parker is very...