Organizational Structure Paper

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Organizational Structure Paper
Melissa A. Wilkinson
XMGT/230 - Managment Theory and Practice
June 2, 2013
Elaine McCarty

Organizational Structure Paper

At Burns & McDonnell engineering, several different organizational charges are used because of the size of the company. For individual projects, functional organizational charts are used to organize employees within that particular project.
Functional organization is the departmentalization around specialized activities such as production, marketing, and human resources (Bateman & Snell, 2011). For the Maine Power Reliability Program, in which Burns & McDonnell functions as the Program Manager for this project, a functional organization is used.
At the top of the organizational chart, the lead of the entire project, the program manager is at the top. Underneath the program manager is the assistant program manager, who reports directly to the program manager. From there, everyone else is grouped by functional group which the lead or project manager at the top of that functional group. There is one overhead project manager and underneath this position are the assistant project managers and the technical admins. The next group is led by the substation project manager and underneath him are substation assistant project managers and technical admins.
The third functional group is procurement. There is a procurement manager and underneath him are the people who have been assigned to procurement and report to the procurement manager. A fourth group is stakeholder services. This group is comprised of both real estate personnel and community relation personnel who answer to the community relations manager who sits at the top of the group.
A fifth functional group is safety with the safety manager on top and all of the safety staff underneath. The last group is project controls. The...

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