Personality Reflection

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Personality Reflection
Katie Smit
August 20,2011
Dianne Hinz

Personality Reflection

Every individual has a different idea and thought about self and how self makes up their entire being. Self is made of the human’s own biology his or her cognitive process and perception of oneself compared to others. This paper is going to look at the concept of self and how this relates to real-life; situations affect a person’s self-efficacy and esteem.
Personalities are made up of the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feeling, and behavior that make a person unique. With this almost every day describe and assess the personalities of people that are around us. Whether we realize it or not, these daily musings on how and why people behave as they do are similar to what personality psychologists do (Cherry, 2011). While our informal assessments of personality tend to focus more on individuals, personality psychologists instead use conceptions of personality that can apply to everyone.
What are some of the key personality features that define me. With the list of different personalities, that I looked up this was a difficult diction that I made. Some of the key personality features that define me are, openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, most of all I am neuroticism (Define Personality Traits, 1996). How do I think that I have these features for my personality? With openness I have a good imagination, and I understand most things quickly, and spend time reflecting on things. With conscientiousness, I am always prepared, i am attention to detail, I get chores done, I fallow a schedule, and leave my belongings around. Agreeableness I have a soft heart I am always helping people out. I have a tendency to insult others without thinking. Neuroticism I tend to have more than the others because this goes with the disorder that I have...

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