Prison Life and Recidivism

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Prison Life and Recidivism
Karen Cavanagh
CRJ303: Corrections
Instructor: Gary Gonzales
September 19, 2011

Prison Life and Recidivism

Prison recidivism is a problem in the United States, resulting in prison overcrowding. As the government struggles to address the conditions in prisons, researchers have begun to look at alternatives to incarceration. These alternatives can result in lowering crime, recidivism and the prison population. The numbers of people in the United States spending time in prison and the amount of time people are spending is an enormous problem and cost for every state (Langan & Levin, 2002).
Prisons correctional role is mainly formed from the special strict environment where sentenced people are placed for a certain period of time. The difference in life conditions, that are stricter, more formal as well as restricted, forces on the sentenced person and has a correctional and educational function on his consciousness of a person. Prisoners have less freedoms and rights than those who are out of prison. They are forced to obey the rules of the correctional facility that includes a strict scheduled daily life, limit time for outside activities out of the cells, limited access to visitors and limited time of the visits. Prisoners in the United States have a shorter period of time for visitors to visit prisoners compared to other countries.
The life of prisoners in the correctional institutions is based on the authoritarian regime of the prison’s authorities that are in charge of regulations. Victories for prisoners seeking relief from abusive prison conditions are all too rare. US courts are often as hate to condemn the mistreatment of inmates and wretched prisons as the public is willing to condone - if not encourage - them. Sometimes, however, inmates win. One case involving a cross gender strip search in jail. The other involved...

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