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Nestlé Pure Life
Water, water everywhere and plenty of "bottled" drops to drink. Nestlé Waters sees to that. A division of the world's top food company Nestlé S.A., Nestlé Waters hopes you'll reach for one of its approximately 60 brands of bottled water when you're feeling a little parched. The company also includes Baraka still or sparkling natural mineral water, which is the leading brand in Egypt, where it has been sold for almost 25 years. The company's Nestlé Pure Life is the world's #1 water brand and is available in 27 countries. Nestle Pure Life acquires its water from local market sources, rather than from a specific spring, enabling Nestlé to lower its bottling, transportation, and logistics costs. NESTLE PURE LIFE the first brand to be introduced onto the bottled water market under the Nestlé brand, has become in just a decade the world’s leading bottled water brand, with 5 billion litres sold worldwide in 2008.
Launched for the first time in Pakistan back in 1998, NESTLE PURE LIFE meets consumer needs for safe, pleasant tasting water, both practical and affordable, for daily family hydration.
Initially targeted as a priority for emerging economies, NESTLE PURE LIFE has evolved towards more mature markets with the launch in the USA and in Canada end of 2002. Entering an average of 2 to 4 countries each year, the brand is today present in 25 countries around the world, across all continents.
To combine the benefits of local production (eco-sustainability) with a powerful worldwide brand, NESTLE PURE LIFE is produced locally at multiple sites. In each country, the product is bottled close to high consumption areas, using a high quality product standard and packaging that remain consistent from country to country. And for each new launch, NESTLE PURE LIFE is adapted to local consumption habits in terms of product type, format,...

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