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02.02 Hms Challenger Journal of a Scientist

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December 21, 1872 England,
This clear water is a pleasant surprise, but the cold is painful. This ship is the most highly equipped ship i've ever sailed in. I can say this is vastly impressive for this age, and I can only imagine what the future will be like. I have to say my favorite feature on this ship is the Natural History Laboratory. Its where specimens were examined, and drawn. I can only say this will mark history with our recorded discoveries.

December 22, 1872 Unknown destination, somewhere outside of England.
The sun is finally out and temperatures have risen! The sun makes this day off a hundred times better.The shipmates decided to round together for a good ole game of cards! I haven't played for so long, and i lost all my snacks we keep as game. We sat for a meal and had chicken. We picked it up when we docked somewhere and we cooked it. Sadly it was nothing special and it was just chicken and rice. Days like this make this voyage much less lonelier. Spirits are high and tomorrow continues to lurk closer.

December 24, 1872
Unknown Destination, somewhere outside of England.
Its raining! The ship is starting to take a toll and the waves are rocking us around! Today is chaotic and a lot of hassle. But i fear for my life. I think i have came down with scurvy. They tell me to toughen up but i have hardly any strength. Being on a ship does not allow any medical help until we dock, and even then we hardly have any money. Research is slow right now but they're all so busy fighting the rain. They've been giving me fruit, saying that it helps cure it but i hardly feel any better. I feel weak, especially my legs. Its scary because in this weather i need the strength. I'm exhausted and i'm out of it constantly. It gets hard to breathe at times and yesterday small blue spots started to appear on my skin. Im not sure what to do. I guess ill tough it out as long as i can.


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