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What are the consequences of liberal, and conservative government’s when positioned with either big/ small views for the lives of Americans.
FDR Views:
-Roosevelt thought that quick acting, large improvement, and manual work project were the best remedy to push an economy out of a recession. I would say that Roosevelt’s office was liberal/ authoritarian, also Roosevelt’s cabinet played a very huge role in the forgotten man’s lives, believed in “Active Government.”
L.B.J Views
-Johnson believed that the government was there to help the people, thought that the U.S was in a position to create what he called the “Great Society” which he thought could end poverty and racial injustice.
-Really thought that the government should scale back its role in society. Had idea of scale back so that the private sector would experience growth/ and visa versa for the general economy. His economic view was based upon the idea of proportional taxes.
Why is the important to look at: 1.) The problem is that a countries economy runs the decisions of the government authority. For instance countries with a high poverty percentage need more government influence to control crime, drugs, and violence. When a government becomes stretched in this way it becomes corrupt because there more opportunity’s for penetration by outside company’s organizations, and military affiliations. 2.) How can this corruption affect the people’s interest in voting? Well a civilian looks for change. If a leader shows incompetence to run the country, our countries than the civilians force will appoint some one new (as you can see I am primarily talking about a democracy.) 3.) As a civilian of the United States I am appointed the right by the fifteenth amendment to not be dined by federal or states governments the right to vote. This is power and F.D.R, L.B.J, and R.R all knew how to pinpoint...

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