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* Account managers have not been communicating effectively with the copywriters and graphic designers therefore the copywriters and graphics designers is being altered without their consultation. * Loss of two executives to the branch. Current manager are unaware of standard operating procedures at the branch. * Salaried Employees are working overtime without proper compensation taking on additional workload because of new clients being taken on. * Four clients vital to the success of Phoenix are not pleased with the work being produced.

Facts and Causes:

* Employee interviews indicate a lack of communication between graphic designers and art directors which has resulted in longer hours required to finish projects. * Client surveys indicate that they have not received a significant level of communication from the account managers which has left the copywriters with little basis to develop the copy for advertisement.

Impact and Effects:

* Productivity at the Roanoke branch has declined overall by 41%: 11% of accounts are completed behind schedule; 8% of the projects have been cancelled by the client; 22% of the accounts are on hold because art/copy has not been approved by the client * The average salaried employee has previously worked 40 hours per week, and is now working 50 hours per week, with 10% less project completing rate within that week


* Art directors are to meet as needed and leave open lines of communication with the graphic designers for changes that may occur on a project. After meeting, the graphic designers will be given adequate time to develop the changes and have them approved by the art director. This mutual development will allow the artists to work collaboratively; the timeframe will ensure that the client receives the completed project upon the agreed due date. * Account managers need to be in daily contact with clients until projects has been approved by the client. The managers are to document all communication with the clients and email a copy to the copywriters and graphic designers. The copy writer must meet with the account manager for a project development prior to writing the copy. Account managers must act as the liaison between clients and copy writers, and therefore need to maintain an aggressive amount of communication in both directions. This will ensure that the copy developed for the advertisement will meet client demand upon the first draft and will reduce the amount of hours required to complete the project on time.

* A bar graph should be created to show the rate of productivity. The bar graph will be an indicator to compare productivity in August 2014 and September 2014 in three areas: 1) accounts completed behind schedule; 2) accounts cancelled; 3) accounts on hold * A line graph should be developed to show the amount of employee work time as compared to the number of completed projects during the past twelve months. The bar graph and line graph are easily interpreted visual aids which will show the status of the Roanoke branch. During the presentation of the report, the graphs will serve as a graphic representation of the findings which will further expound the oral report.

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