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The choreography of vortex
[Won Chae]
Beginning with pianissimo, repeating melody of snare drum is rising in a continuous crescendo with a breathtaking and moderate movement under the spot light. When you are about to feel there is no air to breathe, this repeating eco introduces and adds other instruments one by one with highly saturated dancing. I would never forget the moment when I was captured by this beautiful choreography ‘Bolero’1 performed by Sylvie Guillem2. I was not even in a grandeur theater but was sitting in front of television. This 14-minute short performance thrilled for me to rewind more than 10 times. Resonating one another, this performance literally let me repeat the whole story again and again. It was rather
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Specifically, by breaking the membrane made of fat and protein, the milk products can evolve to the next phase. In a way, heating (H) and fermenting (F) are following as if completing a composition of rhythms. These three executions with distinctive effects have a certain amount of scalar parameter such as time, temperature and amount of bacteria agent. It is extremely interesting that once a type of dairy product is made, this branch structure can be used for make another type of products. Therefore, there is no clear start and end point in making dairy product yet there is a way from pianissimo to crescendo which is from liquid to solid in general case. Besides, the endlessly branching structures bifurcate and chain-react at a certain node such as rhizome3. A part of branches has already sequential whole that entangles its nodes in multiple directions with different orders. In the extreme case, for example the relationship of cream and butter, even if the whole has no clue to affect one another, they are already parts as a reciprocal manner. Dairy product represents a complexity in a huge endless network of vortex inside itself. It is truly amazing when you find this network bifurcating its branch to other foods and vice versa. Obviously, the former would be a countless number of compositions of branches. Even the latter, for example there is Tartaric acid for

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