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All around the world, people are playing different sports, and participating in all different physical activities. However, does someone’s cultural background affect what sports they enjoy? I interviewed three people of different cultural ethnicities and age groups with questions about why they enjoy the physical activities that they do. Based on my research, I have discovered that a person’s cultural ethnicity does impact which physical activities individuals may enjoy doing.
First, I interviewed Shannon, a 14-year-old girl of American/Caucasian ethnicity. She is very athletic and exercises every single day. Shannon enjoys swimming, running, and biking. When asked about why she enjoys these activities, she said “I love any sports that are fast paced, sports that keep me attentive and awake. Any activity that gets me out of breath and tired, but feeling satisfied at the end of the day is what I like the most.” Living in an American family, Shannon believes that her love for sports is influenced by the fact that many members of her family also enjoy physical activity. She says “I’m constantly surrounded by family members and classmates participating in sports, and I want to be a part of it too.”
Next, I interviewed Minh, a 48-year old man of Asian ethnicity. He has a job in software engineering, along with a family. Minh enjoys the sport of badminton, which he plays about once a week. He says “As a child in Vietnam, I was always so interested in the badminton games of the other adults. Badminton is a very popular sport in many Asian countries, and it’s something that I grew up around. ” Minh says he has been highly influenced with his love for badminton by his own dad, who was an enthusiastic player of the sport.
Lastly, I interviewed Patrik, a 19-year old male from Ukraine. He moved to America just recently for college, and he speaks fluent Russian and Ukrainian. I figured that because he was still so influenced by his Ukrainian culture, I decided to interview him. Patrik’s favorite sport to watch and play is soccer (or “futbol” as he calls it). He says “I grew up around futbol. My parents used to have huge get-togethers with friends for futbol games, and I participated in my city’s futbol team when I was younger. Futbol, to me, was the best sort of entertainment, which is why I love to play it today.”
Based on the results of the interviews, I therefore conclude that an individual’s cultural background does influence the sports/physical activities that they enjoy. We live in a very diverse world, and it just goes to show that there is much diversity in our sports too!

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