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Now in recent years the Aboriginal knowledge of land and the ecosystems is being acknowledged in Canada and globally also. When an assessment is conducted now by the government to determine the effects of mining or other industrial projects they use the following criteria with the Aboriginal input:
• scoping the project and the assessment;
• the collection of baseline information;
• consideration of the environmental effects of a project;
• evaluation of environmental effects and the determination of their significance;
• evaluation of any cumulative environmental effects of the project;
• evaluation of the effects of the environment on the project;
• identification or modification of mitigation measures; and
• Design and implementation of any follow-up programs.
The Federal Government has implemented a project called the Participant Funding Program
Where they award up to $3,000,000.00 for eligible Aboriginal groups for consultation with the Crown during the assessment process when the government is intending to make changes that would affect Treaty Rights or established Aboriginal rights.
Another Aboriginal group that advises the Federal Government on environmental issues is NACOSAR.
The role of National Aboriginal Council on Species at Risk (NACOSAR) is to advise the Minister of Environment on the administration of the Act and to provide advice and recommendations to the Canadian Endangered Species Conservation Council (CESCC) as set out in section 8(1) of the Act. The Federal Government has implemented various programs to ensure that the environment and the ecological systems are not damaged beyond repair due to the industrial expansion and economic development in the country. Another program that has been created to protect the ecosystem and animal species is SARA, the Species at Risk Act. Section 32 and 33...

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