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To every thing there is always a season; there is a time to be sowing and a time to be reaping; a time to build up and a time to break down. In the same manner the Universe as a whole has its enormous turn of cycles also. Both its beginning and its extinction.
Jan 18, 2006 at 04:41 AM To every thing there is always a season; there is a time to be sowing and a time to be reaping; a time to build up and a time to break down. In the same manner the Universe as a whole has its enormous turn of cycles also. Both its beginning and its extinction. From Genesis (Bible) Chapter 1 it is clearly stated that before the beginning of the entire Universe there was a void, a wide expanse of nothing. Then out of that NOTHINGNESS God formed the Heavens and the Earth. He called the light ‘Day’ and the darkness He called “Night.” Next, the formation of lands, seas and animals. To make His creation complete God finally created Man with the heritage of His Divine qualities: Man was a being of excellence, intelligence and abilities. God declared that man may use the Earth for habitation and provision for a time. That man would command lordship over His work as well as multiply and bring the Perfect Invisible Principle of life throughout the land. After having completed bearing the fruit of fulfillment, the spiritual being of man will once again unite with the Divine from whence he originally sprang. Bible:
Genesis Chap 1:27
“So God created man in his own image. In the image of God created he him male and female created he them.”
Proverbs Chap 3:3 “Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table ofthine heart.”

The process of creativity in the Universe can be further illustrated by the Tai – Chi Tu or the Chart of the Supreme Ultimate.
The non-ultimate is neither perception nor non-perception. It is above existence and non-existence which through movement gives rise to the Supreme Ultimate. The Supreme Ultimate through movement generates Yang (positive). When the activity of Yang reaches its climax, it becomes tranquil, and through its tranquility generates Yin (negative). As a result of further unification of these two forces the five elements of water, fire, wood, metal and earth prevail. When these five material energies are distributed in harmonious order, the four seasons run their course. Thus the five elements constitute one system of Yin and Yang. Though the Supreme Ultimate generates Yin and Yang, the Supreme Ultimate is essentially the Non-Ultimate. Through a mysterious unison of the five elements, the reality of the Non-Ultimate and the essence of Yin and Yang, integration ensue an action through which all things are initiated. The chart of the Supreme Ultimate has a break-up of 12 eras. Each era lasts for 10,800 years. A complete chart has a duration of 129,600 years. In the first era, sky is created; 2nd earth and 3rd mankind. From the 3rd to the middle of the 7th era, all creations replenish. The 7th era is known as the ‘Golden Period’ because all aspects of nature are in the full bloom of maturity. This time is also called the ‘Turning Point’ of the Universe. Since there is a time for the Sun to rise and a time for it to set, it must also be so for the rest of the creation. The condition from the middle of the 7th era right to the close of the 8th era is totally corresponding to that of the Autumn season. That is, harvesting time of ripe fruits and grains. This must be done before the plants and trees show signs of poor resistance to the adverse condition of the on-coming winter. In the case of man, this period is known as the ‘Harvesting Time’ of Spiritual Fruitfulness’ and this co-ordinates with our present moment. However, the majority of man’s mental energy which for the most part is vastly exerted at random and without direction is not fruitful. How can the Universe have a splendid beginning but such a poor ending? It ought to be consistent from the start to the end. This is a fact of vital importance. An exemplification of nature’s beauty from beginning to end can be witnessed by looking to the Sun. As the Sun rises in the morning, roseate clouds of luminous hues spread across the sky, and as it sets into the evening, it never fails to leave a trail of its colorful sunset glow behind.

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