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Video Summary 2 When you’re choosing to buy a computer, choose either the Motherboard or the CPU first. You must make a decision about one before you buy both. ATX replaces older AT form factors. They are also smaller but they are organized better so they are easier to work on. They also provide support for a wider variety of I/O devices. P1 is the power connectors that the ATX uses; they are compatible with 20 or 24 pin connectors. ATX motherboards also provide a PS/2 connector and 4 USB connectors. Memory slots are DIMMS and expansion slots include AGP and PCI slots. You’ll also have 2 IDE connectors and possibly 4 SATA connectors. Another feature of an ATX Motherboard is the Soft Power Button which is in front of the computer. The power button in front of the computer doesn’t immediately cut off power, it’ll actually allow normal OS shutdown. But the power switch in the back of the computer is different. That will immediately shut off power. There is another feature that this video brings up, it’s the Wake on LAN feature. If you configure the Wake on LAN feature in CMOS, any keyboard activity or network activity, that’ll repower the system. The BTX form factor is compatible to the 20 or 24 pin ATX power connectors. The BTX though provides better airflow for better cooling. They have an intake vent at front and an exhaust vent at the back. The CPU heat sink fins and memory modules are also installed parallel to the air flow so that they don’t block any air. The NLX form factor are used in lower ends PC’s. They also support riser cards, which they fit into expansion slots. They also provide connectors for additional expansion cards which they can also be known as daughter boards. Communication Busses appear as copper tracing which connects to various components. They also allow delivery of power and data. System Bus is the largest bus and also the fastest. The system bus also connects the motherboard to the CPU. Identifying Connectors, as IT techs we will have to identify numerous connectors. Such as the P1 power connectors, 20 pin and 24 pin power connectors. The 40 pin IDE connector and the 34 pin floppy drive connector. SATA connector and the 50 or 68 pin SCSI connector. Expansion slots, 8 bit ISA was in early computers, these were slow. Then there were the 16 bit ISA slot that was the ‘next generation’. After that we have the MCA, the EISA, and the Vesa Local Bus.
Now we use PCI, PCIx and PCIe (express) and last is the AGP (high alternative to PCI).

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