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BTVN# 3 – phần 1

Table of Contents BÀI 1-­‐11: A CAPITAL BUDGETING PROBLEM: PROJECT SELECTION ........................................... 2 BÀI 1-­‐12: SHORT-­‐TERM FINANCIAL PLANNING ........................................................................ 4 BÀI 1-­‐13: BLENDING PROBLEM ............................................................................................... 8 BÀI 1-­‐14: PRODUCTION PROCESS MODELS ........................................................................... 15 BÀI 1-­‐15: INVENTORY MODEL ............................................................................................... 19 BÀI 1-­‐16: MULTIPERIOD FINANCIAL PLANNING ..................................................................... 23 BÀI 1-­‐17: MULTIPERIOD WORK SCHEDULING ........................................................................ 26 BÀI 1-­‐18: GRUMMINS ENGINE DIESEL TRUCK PRODUCTION .................................................. 29 BÀI 1-­‐19: A WHEAT WAREHOUSE .......................................................................................... 31 BÀI 1-­‐20: FLORAL SHOP ........................................................................................................ 34 BÀI 1-­‐21: ENERGY RESOURCE COMBINATION ....................................................................... 36


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...representatives are well placed to identify incidences of discrimination, and to work with employers to ensure that anti-discrimination policies are properly implemented. This helps to make workplaces more attractive to workers – improving staff retention, absenteeism and productivity – as well as reducing management time spent addressing grievances. 1 For example, a study for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that employers with trade union health and safety committees had half the injury rate of those employers who managed safety without unions or had some other process to involve staff. (‘Safety cultures: Giving staff a clear role’, Report by Public Concern at Work for HSE, 1999 ( Working with trade unions to improve working conditions/May 2010 ETI member briefing 2 4.7 Provide access to learning and skills Helping members to access education and training is a key priority for unions. Research shows that union recognition has a consistently positive effect on the amount and range of training that is provided to employees.2 In turn, higher skilled employees bring productivity benefits for employers. 4.8 Save money Early identification of problems in the workplace can lead to significant savings, for example by reducing the costs employers face as a result of ill health (including reduced productivity, sick pay, temporary staff cover, and compensation payments from accidents) and reducing staff turnover.......

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...EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT O F F I C E O F M AN AG E M E N T AN D B U D G E T W AS H I N G T O N , D . C . 2 0 5 0 3 THE CONTROLLER December 21, 2004 MEMORANDUM TO THE CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICERS, CHIEF OPERATION OFFICERS, CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICERS, AND PROGRAM MANAGERS FROM: Linda M. Springer Controller SUBJECT: Revisions to OMB Circular A-123, Management’s Responsibility for Internal Control OMB Circular No. A-123 defines management's responsibility for internal control in Federal agencies. A re-examination of the existing internal control requirements for Federal agencies was initiated in light of the new internal control requirements for publicly-traded companies contained in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Circular A-123 and the statute it implements, the Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act of 1982, are at the center of the existing Federal requirements to improve internal control. This circular reflects policy recommendations developed by a joint committee of representatives from the Chief Financial Officer Council (CFOC) and the President’s Council on Integrity and Efficiency (PCIE). The policy changes in this circular are intended to strengthen the requirements for conducting management’s assessment of internal control over financial reporting. The circular also emphasizes the need for agencies to integrate and coordinate internal control assessments with other internal control-related activities. The revised circular is...

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...literatures shown that there are still good challenges in the area of servo pneumatic control on system performance, PWM schemes, controller design and system controller selection and remains an interesting activity and hence the research work. This work focuses more on the improvement and optimization of PWM based servo pneumatic system performance based on investigation and analysis of regulator parameters and types and implementing modified PWM schemes using Siemens PLC experimentally. REFERENCES Cajetinac S., Seslija D., Aleksandrov S., Todorovic M., 2012, PWM Control and Identification of Frequency Characteristics of a Pneumatic Actuator using PLC Controller, Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika, 123(7), PP. 21-26 Shiee M., Sharifi K.A., Fathi M., Najafi F., 2015, An Experimental Comparison of PWM Schemes To Improve Positioning of Servo Pneumatic Systems, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 82, pp. 1765-179. Cajetinac S., Seslija D., Nikolic V., Todorovic M., 2012, Comparison of PWM Control of Pneumatic Actuator Based On Energy Efficiency, Facta Univ. Ser.: Elec. Energ., 25(2), PP. 93-101 Najjari B., Barakati S.M., Mohammadi A., Fotuhi M.J., Farahat S., and Bostanian M., 2012, Modelling and Controller Design of Electro-Pneumatic Actuator Based on PWM, International Journal of Robotics and Automation (IJRA), 1(3), PP. 125-136. Najjari B., Barakati S.M., Mohammadi A., Fotuhi M.J., and......

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