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The co-founders of the company, 1366 technologies, Ely Sachs and Frank van Mierlo, have a choice in order to place their company in a lea dining position in the world-wide solar industry. The first option available to the company is to expand its business operations in order to produce the silicon wafers itself and in order to do that, the management of the company would raise the required financing from the later stage growth equity investors or from the Department of energy. The manufacturing of the wafers would be done by the company in the United States and then it would export those wafers to the Asian cell manufactures. On the other hand, the second option for 1366 Technologies was to go for a licensing agreement or a joint venture. Through this partnership approach, the company would rapidly gain scaling and it would also allow the Asian partners to lower their costs of production. The management of the company has always supported the accelerated growth however; the company might face significant risks if the intellectual property is exposed to the wrong partners. If the management of the company considers this option, it would lose its technology however, looking at the pace of innovation in the industry and the changes in the solar industry caused by the active involvement of the governments, Sachs and van Mierlo knew that they could not win the race by being cautious. First of all, if we interpret the Levelized cost of energy (LCOE) comparison and its sensitivity against the fuel prices as provided in the exhibit 5b, then it could be seen that the PV solar is expensive as compared to many other forms of the renewable energy in most parts of the world. Therefore, it is guaranteed that the management of 1336 Technologies needs to find a way to build its competitive edge in the market with the established wafer technology or with the partnership...

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