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Rather than write a straight history of Mattel, Oppenheimer focuses on the outsize personalities that helped form and shape it. The expose opens with an eye-scorching description of the sexual exploits perpetrated in the Playboy Mansion-esque home of early Mattel contract designer Jack Ryan, whom Oppenheimer calls the "Father of Barbie." Oppenheimer indicates that Ryan's personal obsession with the female form figured prominently in the tiny-waisted, long-legged, buxom shape of Barbie. Ryan applied his libertine philosophy to work, Oppenheimer writes, hiring pretty women to help his designers and engineers "be more creative and thrive." Ryan, a former Raytheon missile designer, was responsible for engineering Barbie's breakthrough bendability and speaking voice, but it was Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler who first wanted the company to make a three-dimensional doll girl could dress in real clothes. Oppenheimer writes that in 1956, Ruth and her husband, Mattel co-founder Elliot Handler, took a European vacation after "reaping substantial profits … thanks in part to being one of the first toy companies to shrewdly gamble advertising dollars on TV commercials." A plastic burlesque doll in Germany called Bild-Lilli caught Ruth Handler's eye. Bild-Lilli became the source of one of the many Mattel legal battles highlighted in the book.
The Mattel Company is the international leading in design, manufacturing and marketing toys and family products. Its sell its products directly to wholesalers, distributors, retailers and agents. Mattel subsidiaries include Mattel Europe B.V, Mattel Europe marketing B.V, American girl brands etc. Mattel is faced by supplier risks due to inherent difficulty in obtaining supply-chain visibility. Debt to equity ratio is calculated by dividing the total debts of a company by its equity. Mattel has debt to equity of 0.52 times that is lower...

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