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Article # 4: ( Source from the Economist)

Your money or your data; Ransomware
With hackers running rampant today, more demands are given by them, now with old-fashioned ransoms. Computer users are now faced with a virus called “ransomware”, which gives users an option of either giving up their data or retrieving it with a fee.

Ransomware isn’t likely to go away anytime soon, as new options of exchanging money are now on the internet, from companies such as bitcoin and Paypal, criminals might find them a haven to go to, as there can be anonymity and use of digital currency.
Additionally, its programmers are always ahead since they are constantly modifying their code, which keeps them in an advantageous position, and unfortunately, not all their victims get a fair share, many have gotten a broken promise to ransomware’s demands.
While this problem will persist, web-users must protect themselves with the best possible solutions to the attack of ransomware’s programmers.
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Never start a sentence with "With". Your message appears unclear, it need adjustments. Instead of saying: "...which gives users an option of either giving up their data or retrieving it with a fee."

You can say: Users are deceived into downloading a malicious software that hijacks storage files in their drive(s); prompting the hijacker(s) to demand a ransom before said files are released.

Always create multiple drafts before arriving at a conclusion. Start Wilth a long version then refine it. Do it over and over again, until it sounds like something a reporter will say. Read it aloud! If you pause, put a comma. If you run out of breath. put a full stop. Again, always create more than one draft, then refine it until there's nothing left to add.

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