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Studies of religion Australia 1945- present. | Facts | Impact/Implications/ | Contemporary Aboriginal Spiritualities | Dreaming The Dreaming is the past, present and future. A collective term for all Australian Indigenous spiritualityInextricably linked to the land Kinship All forms of social interaction.Determines how a person relates to others and how they belong in the community. Ceremonial life Corroboree - retelling of Dreaming stories through song, dance, music and mimeRite of passage- Moving into adulthoodBurial and Smoking ceremoniesObligations to the land and people Dreaming stories help link the people to the land and it outlines the obligations of the people to the land. | Dreaming provides meaning and purpose in an Indigenous persons life Provides connections to family members and spirituality Provides a link to the dreaming and ancestral spirits. Marks key moments in people's lives. By keeping obligations to the land and people the inextricable link will be kept | Issues for Aboriginal spiritualities in relation to: | discuss the continuing effect of dispossession on Aboriginal spiritualities in relation to: / separation from the land * Loss of culture - loss of dignity * "Like a tree without it's roots" - "Buckskin" * Lost law & lore * Lost purposeseparation from kinship groups * Lost identity * Loss of heritage * Loss of parents/ family * Loss of connectionthe Stolen Generations * Unable to connect with kinship groups and land * Not able to have full spirituality * Lost family ties * Unable to connect with country | Not able to continue teaching spiritualityLost dreaming stories and part of identityLost traditional ways of life Loss of LanguageLoss of identityLoss of spirituality Lost identity, LanguageLost purposeUnable to connect with spirituality and ancestor spirits |...

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