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Duston Hager
Mrs. Stephanie Wood
English III Honors
2 May 2012
Events and Facts of the 1970s
I. Introduction
Thesis: During the 1970s our President was forced to resign, the economy was in a recession, books were written and interpreted differently, and great accomplishments occurred in sports.
II. Economy
A. Inflation
1. The peacetime inflation
2. Rising prices
B. The unemployment rate
C. Tax rate
D. Oil Shortage
E. Oil Embargo

III. History
A. The Presidency
1. Nixon as President
2. Why he resigned
B. The end of the Vietnam War
1. The outcome on America
2. The year the war ended
C. The Watergate Scandal
1. What the scandal was about
2. The people involved
3. The outcome
IV. Sports
A. Babe Ruth’s homerun being broken
B. “Battle of the Sexes” tennis championship
C. Mark Spitz Olympic record
D. George Foreman becomes World Heavyweight champion
E. OJ Simpson’s rushing record
F. Muhammad Ali defeats George Foreman
V. Literature
A. Characteristics
B. Famous authors
C. Genre and Style
VI. Concluding statements
A. . The 1970s had many troubles with the economy including inflation and the oil embargo. The Watergate Scandal forcing President Nixon to resign was on everyone’s mind. However, the 1970s saw some positive events as well as Hank Aaron setting a new homerun record and new styles on how books were written and interpreted.
B. Although the 1970s was a tough time for Americans we were still able to pull through and have a positive outlook on what was to lie ahead.…...