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Workshop theory
Some questions to focus your mind on some of the material this week. Again, these are not the questions that will be in the examination, but by answering them you are preparing yourself for the examination. You can practice for the examination, by using the recommendations in the examination folder on the study desk. Preparing for the examination now, will enable you to be better prepared.

* Explain why a developer would use validation controls, and how this impacts on the customer. * In your opinion, and maybe having experienced data entry on web sites yourself, what could you do to minimise customer frustration when entering data * Explain the particular circumstance when you would use a regular expression. * Explain the meaning of “maintaining state”. * Explain what a session object is and how a session can be used by the developer
As a university student it is important to take the time and reflect on the progress on your studies. Particularly, when you are studying more than one course, it is easy to get carried away in the small details.

University study is based on self-driven learning, and while we provide additional and supportive material to enhance the learning experience, these weekly exercises are very specifically detailed. This is to ensure that all levels of previous experience and skills are levelled out. As this is the fourth week, it also means that you need to be at a point now, where you can work more on your own, after you have done these exercises, work independently and self-driven. Supportive material like this exercise will continue to be provided to you, but only cover the details of what is new in each module, not repeat what you have been given in previous weeks.

This reflection allows to realise what you already have learned and to identify the areas that you should be comfortable with

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