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University of International Business & Economics
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MBA Fall Course




授课时间 2011年9月-2012年1月 教 师 熊 伟 学 生 Full-time MBA 2011

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1. Outline and Objectives
Marketing Management is a core subject in the business program, and it has been designed for those students majoring in Marketing, as well as those taking this course as their formal, academic venture into this discipline. Participants in the program would be expected to recognize that marketing is a total system of business action and should be seen as the key element in the running of any business. This course could enable students to better appreciate the role of marketing in individual firms as well as in the wider community by exposing them to theories and basic concepts.

Upon completion of this course, it is expected that students should: be able to identify and explain the important concepts in marketing; understand how marketing integrates with other areas of business, especially in a dynamic business environment; be able to apply these concepts in case situations, particularly in a Chinese context and, therefore, to enhance competence in the analysis of real world’s marketing; develop the ability to confidently and meaningfully analyze marketing problems; be equipped with sufficient knowledge of marketing to enhance their capacity to evaluate the role of marketing in their future career: be able to communicate clearly and concisely, both in oral and written form, about a broad range of marketing issues and applications.

2. Main Content and Emphasis
The main content of this course is as following:
Marketing concepts and terminology
Strategic planning &...

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