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21 Century

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1. Everyday life in the eighteenth century improved because of the scientific developments, advances in public health, and medicines. The one big change was people were moving from the country to the city in search of a better life. This was not realized by ordinary people. The living conditions in the urban society did not favor well for this class. They thought they would have better opportunities in this society but things did not change much for them. The increased population led to many problem including poor housing and meager wages. Many people suffered and died from diseases caused by such deplorable conditions. Another major problem was the sanitation of the city. The poor people lived near and around raw waste that caused illness and death. Scientific discoveries and applied technology of public health and industrial production to save lives and drive continued economic growth improved the lives of many. Industrial cities would be disciplined and would lead to improved progress and change in the living conditions of the urban society. Moving toward the nineteenth century people began to place value on education and family. I believe that this realization drove many changes in the urban society. Families stopped having large families so they could provide better for their children. Improvement made in public health, urban planning, and transportation were the major agents that improved life in the urban society. 2. In my opinion, the life of ordinary people deteriorated because of public health. The gap between poor and the rich remained intact from the previous century. After 1850 ordinary people took a major step forward in the centuries-old battle against poverty. Although, this did not eliminate hardship and poverty nor did it make wealth and income of the wealthy and poor more equal (page 725). The lived in deplorable conditions that included raw...

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