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21. Describe How or Why Integer Programming or Goal Programming or Nonlinear Programming (Choose One) Might Be Used in a Real-World Business Situation. Be as Specific as You Can and Use Examples as Appropriate.

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21. Describe how or why integer programming OR goal programming OR nonlinear programming (choose ONE) might be used in a real-world business situation. Be as specific as you can and use examples as appropriate.
Goal programming is an aid for decision-making problems with multiple, possibly conflicting goals. Typically, linear goal programming attempts to minimize a weighted sum of deviations from goals. This program is used in real-world business in an attempt to eliminate or, at the least, mitigate this disquieting disconnect. Goal programming is the most widely applied tool of multiple-objective optimization/multicriteria decision making. However, today’s goal programming models, methods, and algorithms differ significantly from those employed even in the early 1990s. Goal programming, may be combined with various tools from the artificial intelligence sector (most notably genetic algorithms and neural networks) so as to provide an exceptionally robust and powerful means to model, solve, and analyze a host of real-world problems. In other words, today’s goal programming while maintaining its role as the “workhorse” of multiple-objective decision analysis—is a much different tool than that described in most textbooks.
Goal programming’s label as the “workhorse” of multiple-objective optimization has been achieved by its successful solutions of important real-world problems over a period of more than 50 years. Some examples among these applications are:
• The analysis of executive compensation for General Electric during the 1950s
• The design and deployment of the antennas for the Saturn II launch vehicle as employed in the
Apollo manned moon-landing program
• The determination of a sitting scheme for the Patriot Air Defense System
• Decisions within fisheries in the United Kingdom
• A means to audit transactions within the financial sector (e.g., for the...

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