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Product: Multiplx Chanel Perfume
Client: Chanel

Introduction [ADA]
Chanel was founded in 1910. It has a long history in the fashion industry. As a market leader, it shows continuous innovation to defend its market share from market challengers, e.g. Gucci, Dior, etc. COCO believed that product innovation can keep consistency of brand image. Chanel’s perfume contributes nearly 40% of the global perfume industry. Adding new element and advanced technology into perfume are seen as a valuable creation perfume history thus enhances the competitiveness of Chanel.

Communication Market Analysis
Opportunity analysis
In the perfume industry, there is only pure essence of a single scent in a bottle. Using the same scent in different occasions is boring, drab and tedious.
Hence, a 3-in-one perfume can be designed and offered to tap the high income level of office ladies whose life is with all the glamour, wealth and splendid. They display a keen interest in everything new. With more flavors, the perfume can improve their mood to feel refreshed and even as a self-confidence improver.

Consumer markets
Market segmentation by consumer groups:
Since the establishment of Chanel’s perfume in 1870, it mainly targeted at women. It is found that Chanel has great potential to further develop such upscale perfume for women.
The main target of Chanel is consumers who aged from 30 to 45. From the emphasis of mature and exquisite design of the bottle, elegant and generous packaging of perfume, these features dedicate to the tastes of the middle age women.
It focus on that middle to upper class income groups whose salary are above $30,000 per month. They are affluent and are willing to possess luxury items so as to let them stand out.
Segmentation by geographic area:
Regions or areas with more high income levels of office...

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