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Anime: The Stress Releaser


Nowadays, there’s a lot of thing that can make us happy, grab our attention or what we call “ice breakers”. These kinds of things lessen our hassles and can make us laugh or anything that has nothing to do with stress. One of the few samples of this is watching “Anime”. Hobbyist like me enjoys watching these anime and had become our stress releasers somehow. I've seen a lot of anime over the past few years. I've gained a lot for its entertainment value, but I've also been able to learn a lot about Japanese culture and daily life through the different series I've seen. Of most particular interest to me is the way their school system functions. It can be a good motivator in our lives such as animes that tackle school works and social problems so we can grab lessons from it and apply it to our lives. What are really the effects of anime in otakus or normal person’s live.

Body of the Paper:

Before anything else, let’s define what is "anime" refers to any and all animation or cartoon - regardless of the genre, style, or nation of origin. Outside of Japan the word "anime" has come to refer specifically to animation of Japanese origins, or animation of a particular style (see below). Because of this, it is pronounced the Japanese way: "a-nee-may”. (

1st argument, why teens watch anime?
2nd argument, how anime addiction affects the behavior and studies of the teens.

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