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21st Century Hr Organization

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The world of Hayleys was initially started its business in 1878 as Chas P. Hayleys and company in Sri Lanka, was incorporated as Hayleys Ltd in the year 1952. Today it is known as the world of Hayelys with a globally competitive business portfolio spanning over 12 different sectors of enterprise. The main business portfolio of world of Hayley’s fall under seven broad categories such as: * Global market and manufacturing * Agriculture and plantation * Logistics and transportation * Leisure and aviation * Consumer products * Power and energy
Out of the sectors under consumer products comes the Hayleys Consumer Products Limited and the Consumer lighting, Consumer products contributes about 7% of the group’s total turnover. Hayleys Consumer Products limited hosts home for many of the world renown brands in Sri Lanka such as Downy, Gillette, Olay, Whispers, Tide, Pantene, Kiwi, Pringles, Fujifilm, GP Batteries, 3M, Head and Shoulders, Philips and etc. These brands are basically operated under few divisions such as Consumer Lighting, Consumer Imaging and Information, Consumer Healthcare, P&G products, New Business development. There is a supermarket channel owned by the Hayleys consumer named Haymart and there are outlets owned by Hayleys for perspective brands such as Hayleys Café Pixel for consumer imaging and information and Lighting craft for consumer lighting. Hayleys consumer products have reached a range of 70, 000 outlets throughout the country and expanding their business day by day as the corporate leader of the Sri Lankan market.

During the last two years the group has delivered an increase in turnover of Rs.8.1bn from the previous financial year. The group over the years has experienced a steady growth in terms of increased operations and simultaneously increased and favorable numerals. The share prices of the Hayley’s group...

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