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21st Century Skills in Education

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In the 21st century, the world is changing and becoming increasingly complex as the flow of information increases and becomes more accessible day by day. The world is radically more different than it was just a few years ago, hard to imagine that it’s such a short period of time - the world and its people, economies and cultures have become inextricably connected, driven by the Internet, new innovations and low-cost telecommunications technology. A computer is a must, to be a successful student, in this modern age, all the required information and communication is accessible online.

The education is structured for all students, regardless of background or community, so that they have the opportunity not only to reach their goals but to contribute the modern society as well, because education is not just an individual prosperity, because if you really think about it, it also serves a public good. The education acquired must ensure that everyone remains fully functional in such an increasingly demanding and knowledge-based society will require a constantly rising level of skills. The final result should be that education means more in terms of human survival and happiness. There is a huge connection - people who are better educated are more likely to be employed, have higher career satisfaction, live longer with improved health, have reduced participation in crime, participate in voting and volunteering, and are less likely to rely on public tax transfers or benefits.

I’ve noticed that educating in the 21st century has a learning-on-demand format.
Students are no longer required to spend time learning or researching topics that are not of interest to them. The content that matters to them comes in short-tweet-like form and everything else that they may need for the same exact moment is available to be found on web search engines through Google...

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