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25 news articles.
1. Georgia- Georgia under state of emergency as storm looms… (Georgia Gov. Nathan
Deal says the state is exercising extreme caution as it prepares for a one-two punch of winter weather.)
2. Missouri- Michael Sam comes out of the closet, star football proudly says, “I’m an openly gay man.”
3. Afghanistan- U.S. contractors killed in Kabul car bomb.
4. Geneva- Syria’s government and opposition refused to meet face to face on Monday as a spate of recent attacks on humanitarian convoys overshadowed efforts to resume peace talks in the city.
5. New York City- Nokia to launch Android-based smartphones in February.
6. Mumbai- Indian drivers urged to stop honking horns. City drivers are being told to use their horns less as the noise pollution causes stress and high blood pressure.
7. Berkshire/Surrey/Somerset- UK floods. Homes evacuated as swollen Thames keep listing. Fourteen severe flood warnings are in place.
8. Syria- More Syrians flee besieged Hom Old City. Hundreds of civilians were allowed to leave at the weekend after the local governor agreed a truce with the UN.
9. Canada- Alex Bilodeau wins gold in the men’s mogul.
10. New York City- Bill De Blasio pledges to raise the minimum wage and issue papers to undocumented immigrants, as he rails against inequality.
11. Europe- A Swiss vote to bring back strict immigration quotas for Europeans draws criticism from France, Germany, and Brussels.
12. Brazil- Brazilian cameraman Santiago Andrade, who was hurt in clashes between protestors and police in Rio de Janeiro last week, is brain dead.
13. Utah- A newlywed dies when her parachute fails to open in a mountain jump at Zion National park.
14. Indonesia- Convicted Austrian drug trafficker Schapelle Corby released on parole in Indonesia after nine years in a Bali prison.
15. Iraq- Iraq militants “killed by own bomb” –at least 21 insurgents are killed in central Iraq after a car bomb was detonated accidentally, officials say.
16. New York- police break up cockfighting ring. Police in NY say they seized about 3,000 birds during their biggest ever operation against illegal cockfighting.
17. Africa- Dr. Congo ex-rebel “ordered killings” –ex Congolese rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda ordered troops to kill and rape civilians, prosecutors tell the international criminal court in The Hague.
18. Mexico- Vigilantes parade in groups in Mexico City through Apatzingan after apparently seizing it from the powerful Knights Templar drug cartel at the weekend.
19. Tennessee- A Tennessee couple faces murder charges for allegedly punishing the man's 5-year-old daughter by making her gulp excessive amounts of water and grape soda, leading to her death, authorities said.
20. Islamabad, Pakistan- an anti-drone activist Kareem Khan and journalist from Pakistan is missing after being abducted from his home. He was seized from his home in Rawalpindi on the night of February 5th. (According to attorney Shazad Akbar.)
21. Madrid- A Spanish judge issued international arrest warrants Monday for China's former President Jiang Zemin and former Prime Minister Li Peng for alleged genocide against the people of Tibet.
22. Mali- The International Committee of the Red Cross has lost contact with four staff members and a veterinary assistant on board one of its vehicles in northern Mali.(Africa)
23. South Africa- Principal Fannie Sebolela has turned a dilapidated school in South Africa into an institution that is now the pride of the region.
24. Tripoli- Libya said Tuesday that its chemical weapons, including artillery shells and bombs filled with mustard gas, have been destroyed.
25. South Africa- Eight bodies found after South Africa gold mine fire; one worker still missing.

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