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| CIPD Foundation Level |
|Contributing to the Process of Job Analysis |
| |
|Unit: 3CJA |
| |

|Author: Janet M. Elsdon |
|06/04/2016 |


1. Introduction

2. Information

3. Findings

4. Conclusions

5. Recommendations

6. Bibliography

Contributing to the Process of Job Analysis

Activity 1: Written report (Assessment criteria: 1.1 & 1.2)

Section 1: Introduction

1.1 This report will cover the following points: firstly, it will explain the principles and purpose of job analysis. Secondly, it will compare and contrast 3 different methods of job analysis

Section 2: Process

2.1 The information in this report was collated using class notes, text books, and internet sources.

Section 3: Findings

3.1 Understanding the fundamentals of organisation design

“The organisation design professional ensures that the organisation is appropriately designed to deliver organisation objectives in the short and long-term and that structural change is effectively managed”. (URL9)

3.2 Understand the need for job analysis

Job analysis is an important tool to enable the organisations to implement its’ strategic plan.

The concept of job analysis is that the analysis is of the...

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