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3hrc Activity 2.3 and 3.2

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2.3 An Identification of the culture of the organisation 2 ways this affects operations
Having looked at Charles Handy’s, Deal & Kennedy’s and Edgar Schien’s organisational culture model, I have found it hard to fit the organisation as a whole and can see that different cultures exists within different departments.
There are areas of the NHS where Charles Handy’s ‘Role Culture’ is very evident I.e the different nursing pay bands denote hierarchical responsibility however, expert advise would always be looked for so “little scope for expert power’ does not fit.
1. This affects operations as there has to be the right people with the right skills at any given time.
Deal & Kennedy’s culture ‘Work hard, play hard’ also fits as the NHS is constantly changing and prioritising.
2. This affects operations as there is little time for planning and have to work with the staff and resources that they have.
3.1 How 3 HR Activities support the organisation’s strategy.
Three HR activities that support the organisations strategy are:
1. Recruitment and Selection - This involves designing organisational structures and identifying under what type of contract different employee groups will work. The right people are then recruited and developed. HR managers compete in the job market to ensure only the best and talented employees are recruited to assist in meeting the company goals and objectives.

2. Performance Management- Once the required workforce is in place, HR managers must ensure that employees are well motivated and dedicated to maximize their performance. By use of various motivational techniques such as promotion, increased pay and benefits such as company cars, HR managers work along side Line Managers to try to develop an individual employee's performance working towards the Trusts policies and procedures. They also train employees and negotiate improved…...

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