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3 HRC Activity-A

The Organization: (SMEF)

Overview of SMEF

Our Main Products

Division: Consumer Electronics
LCD TV, LED TV, CRT TV, Audio Systems, Blu-ray

Division: Business Electronics
Document Systems, Cash Register, Calculators, Professional LCD- Displays, Projectors, Fax Machines

Division: Home Appliances
Microwaves, Steam wave, Refrigerators, Plasma cluster Air Purifiers and ion generators, Air-conditioners, Vacuum Cleaners, Small home appliances …

Division: Solar
Photovoltaic, Mono crystalline, poly crystalline, thin

Vision and Mission:
“Make products that others want to imitate”
Ever since the establishment in 1912, innovation has been an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Correspondingly, the company's name Sharp is derived from our first major invention made in the year 1915, the “Ever Sharp Pencil”, the first mechanical retractable pencil in the world.
Our goal has been and will be to win our customers' and partners' confidence through honesty and creativity. We are open to new things and oriented towards our customers' and users' wishes.
External Factors:
Main factors that will affect the growth of organization:

Sharp sales subsidiary connects with 80+ countries; political factors vary from country to country. In addition, these factors can change dramatically at any time as governments have the power to introduce any new regulations, impose tariffs or taxes. Sharp as a company is also affected for not manufacturing or selling its products in countries where sanctions are imposed.

Other critical and important factor is the economical down turn. EU crisis, the ongoing GCC market concern evolving the Arab spring are the factors affecting. Moreover, considering the nature of products, the economic indicators i.e. GDP growth rates, the level of disposable income and…...