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Human Resource Department is the department which needs to maintain the data related with humans in any terms.
If the HR will not maintain the data than on what basis you will get your remuneration,appraisal on which date, experience letter for what terms, how you will get incremented? how we know the qualification of the staff also?

SPECIAL GIRL - Contributing Member
Thank you both of reply i need two reasons could anybody help me in this question ? Explain why an organisation needs to record and manage HR data?

SRAVANTHIRENO.MBA@GMAIL.COM - hr data should need for irrespective of any organization,irrespective of any industry.........for recruitment,staffing,analysing the future requirements,compliances,and for general activities......

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This is Sudhir Kumar human resource is the key dept for the organisation and the data should be maintain from the HRD because they will maintain record track from the employee and which is related to payrolls as well statutory and it is easy to findout the information.
Suddenly HR Manager will give the transfer the employee from one dept to another where u wil file you should file in his person file than it is easy to find out\\\\\like this increment,appraisals this is very important for record track and file management is very important in HR.if manager asks you any employee file you should know the file where it is .
F&F settlement also you should know employee personal record.

Sudhir Kumar any doubts please ....

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Hello, it is as simple as it gets. HR, manages the needs and wants of the organisation. his task is to look after the resources that is provided and what resources should be provided to them for the growth of the firm.

Organization or Top Mgt need HR data because they…...

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