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Phase 1
World Set Up

In order for the dominos and the other objects to work properly, certain settings on the ‘reactor'
Open the Units Setup dialog (Customize > Units Setup), and change the Display Unit Scale and System Unit Scale to “Centimeters”.

Then, click on the ‘reactor’ settings. Change the Solver to “Havok 3”. Under Havok 3 World, changes need to be made for two(2) measurements or units: 1. 1m = 5.0 cm 2. Col. Tolerance = 0.2cm

Then, open the Time Configuration dialog. Change the animation length to 25 seconds.

Phase 2

1. Firstly, a plane is made to act as the base for the dominos and other objects.

2. Then, a simple domino is drawn by using Box under Standard Primitives. The domino is then adjusted to this size shown in the picture below.

3. A Line is then drawn to make a pathway for the dominos and a simpler way of copying all the dominos at once. Select the previously drawn domino piece, and then open the Spacing Tool in Tools (Tools > Align > Spacing Tool). Click the “Pick Path” button, and select the line. Settings for Spacing Tool must be as follow: a. Spacing = 2.54cm b. Type of Object = Instance c. Under Context, depending on the scene/line, click on “Follow” to see if the dominos align with the line properly.

The dominos are then adjusted accordingly to the scene below by using the line drawn.

4. To create slides/ramp for the balls, a Helix is drawn. The Helix is then adjusted to fit the scene as you require. Then, a Rectangle line is drawn and added vertices with the refine function under geometry.
The Rectangle is then adjusted to look like the shape of a proper slide/ramp. Then, under Compound Objects, select Loft, and select Get Shape. Click on the Rectangle line which have been drawn as the picture below.

5. Copy the slides/ramps and get put it at the proper place. Stoppers are then created in order for the ball/sphere to be placed nicely and without falling off the edge.

Phase 3: Simulating
In order for everything to work out naturally with physics applied. All the objects are to be selected in the scene except for the lines. Then under Animation, reactor, click the “Create Rigid Body Collection” button.
Select all the domino pieces, and set the Properties under reactor according to the below image.:

Select the plane and slide/ramp or the loft respectively, and set the following Reactor Properties:

Then, under reactor, Preview and Animation, choose Create Animation.

Phase 4
Touch Up

The last phase is to touch up on the objects. Giving colors and lighting to the objects and scene.
Only one camera is used for the whole animation. Lights are created through the light options. The two lights which are used is Skylight and Omni light. Examples can be seen below.

The two lights, Omni and Skylight are applied and a camera is used for the whole animation.
The two lights, Omni and Skylight are applied and a camera is used for the whole animation.

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