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Ashley Reed

Autobiography Ashley Reed was born on a warm Texas morning in June 1984. This blue eyed little girl was a huge surprise to everyone because they were all expecting a little boy. Named after an actress from a soap opera, this bundle of joy grew up as an only child, but shared a lot of time with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Raised in the country, Reed had a passion for animals and getting dirty. There wasn’t anything that could stop this little tom- boy from jumping in a puddle of mud, climbing trees, or capturing wild horses. This determined country girl learned at a young age to be independent. Reed would go out to the pasture and capture a horse, bring it back to the barn, saddle it, and take off riding. There was never any fear in those bright blue eyes. Around the age of 5, the blonde haired beauty began barrel racing, and showing horses. This horse lover use to race to songs like, “Two tickets to Paradise” by Eddie Money, “Paradise City” by Guns N’ Roses, and “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi. Growing up, Reed’s mother would come home to find tree houses built throughout the yard, horse trailers spray painted, and the clay ground covered in caves. In 1994, this smiling mud covered face had to leave the country and move to a small town called Willis. City life was a little different for this 10 year old, there were no more horses to tend to, no muddy fields to play in, and to much free time at hand. With all the extra time, Reed took an interest in art. Once the pencil hit this artist’s hands there were masterpieces everywhere. One of the first drawings ever completed was sent to the state capital in Austin for a show. This little Van Gogh drew a picture of a horse named Moon, which won first prize. Drawing and painting managed to consume the extra free time the city life offered. Eventually, when Reed entered into high school the artistic side began to slow down. Now in high school new interests appeared, sporting events were attended, and new friendships were evolving. This sports fanatic loved playing softball, soccer, and basketball, but took a different turn when the athletic trainer option was brought to attention. The medical field had crossed this competitors mind a time or two, but was never anything serious. An elective credit was needed to complete the semester, so this fragile freshman decided to sign up for the athletic trainer course. Reed had no awareness of what was in store for the future. This novice trainer stood on the side lines during every football season, hydrating the players, taking care of sprained ankles, injured wrists, and finally a broken femur. It was then, junior year, that this novice trainer became a future paramedic. High school ended in December 2002, when this early graduate walked across the stage and the forthcoming journey began. High school was over, a college in Lubbock, Texas was chosen, and this young adult was going to attend paramedic school. At the end of the first semester, personal and family issues surfaced, and it was back to the little small town of Willis. Still wanting to pursue the paramedic field, Reed realized that this wasn’t the right time to do so, and began seeking employment to help with family needs. This hardworking driven individual worked two to three jobs at a time over the next nine years to help support family. In all this time, the dream of becoming a paramedic was never lost. It wasn’t until June 2011 that the door to pursue this field was reopened. Reed decided it was time to follow this dream, instead of everyone else’s. It was back to the grindstone of school, and becoming an Emergency Medical Technician was the first stop. This medical student completed the required EMT-B course in just twelve weeks, and was shortly enrolled into a new paramedic program. Now as a certified and licensed EMT-B, life consists of attending class, studying, working at clinicals, and volunteering with a 911 service. With this in motion, a new goal was set of becoming a firefighter/paramedic. Starting February 2013, Reed will also be attending fire cadet academy. In May, this optimistic young woman will be testing out for the EMT-I certification. Through hard work and dedication this future paramedic is living proof that dreams never die unless you allow them to.

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