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4- MAT Review 2: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling
Liberty University
Jennifer Hooker

McMinn, Ph.D., Mark R. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (2011)
4- MAT Review 1: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling
McMinn utilized psychology, theology and spirituality in order to assist people in enhancing different aspects of their lives. McMinn made it clear that it is important for the counselor to be strong in their own spirituality, so that they will be able to properly help the client in their process. (McMinn, 2011) McMinn addresses the different precautions counselors should take and also the limitations. Counselors express when it comes to incorporating their own spirituality into their counseling session, it can be challenging, due to the fact that they may not feel that confident about the knowledge they have about the bible. As a result counselors will often omit the use of God’s word in their counseling sessions because they do not want to confuse the client or interpret the message differently. McMinn has provided the guidance for the counselors who wish to strengthen spirituality within the counseling sessions, as well as within themselves. There are many benefits that come with incorporating Christianity into counseling sessions, but some of the main elements that can help to enhance the client’s life are, they can gain a better sense of self, a better understanding of human need and limitations and also get the opportunity to confide interpersonal relationships with God and others. (McMinn, 2011)
McMinn uses the book as a teaching tool where he separates different subjects into chapters where he guides you through the challenges and the key elements the counselor should use in order to enhance the clients psychological and spiritual health. McMinn wanted to highlight on some of the main elements that counselors should rely on in order to properly construct their session and provide the necessary treatment. The main elements include prayer, scripture, sin confession forgiveness and redemptions. (McMinn, 2011) When it comes to utilizing prayer in the counseling session, it is very important in the process of growth because it gives the clients a sense of hope and it can help to strengthen their faith. The counselor must be strong in their own faith and prayer, so that they will be prepared to use prayer in the counseling sessions. They should be able to identify when would be the right time to use prayer in the session and how they can use it. Scripture can be utilized in the counseling session to help strengthen the client’s psychological and spiritual state, so that they can get a better understanding of God’s word as well as their life. When it comes to talking about sin in the counseling sessions, McMinn urges the counselor to approach that with caution. (McMinn, 2011) It is important to make sure that the counselor has is knowledgeable about sin and how to identify it. The counselor should use the discovery of that sin to uplift and heal the client and not to judge them or make them feel worse about it. The counselor will then have to opportunity to become close with the client and encourage them to confess what they would like to in order to release the negativity and make room for healing and forgiveness. (McMinn, 2011) Once the client has been able to confess and open themselves up for forgiveness, then they will be able to strengthen their own sense of self. After the counselor has been successful in tackling those main elements, then they will be able to better understand redemption so that they can have created a successful healing process.
Concrete Response
I have expressed my concerns about incorporating prayer and scripture into the counseling sessions because of my own personal experience while being a part of counseling sessions as well as observing them. I was in a counseling session at a church where the Christian counselor immediately started the session off with prayer without asking me any questions about myself or my purpose. Even though I am a Christian, it still made me feel uncomfortable and like there was something wrong. I was then encouraged to share my story and express why I am there. I shared some of the issues I had been having and some of the poor decisions that I had been making that have negatively altered my life and I was seeking guidance on how I could get to the bottom of my decision making and work on healing. The counselor then seemed to just be talking at me instead of with me and he started to just tell me about what I was doing wrong and he was referencing the bible to show me the scriptures that condemn my sins. After the sessions I just felt more down on myself and felt like I was just being judged based on his beliefs instead of being uplifted. I completely changed denominations after that counseling session because of our difference in beliefs and it seemed like he was trying to force his on me. It just showed how much on an impact one session can have on a person’s whole outlook on life and I think it is important to be conscious about how you incorporate your beliefs in the session and the appropriate time.
McMinn’s book was great and it provided a great deal of incite on what a counselor should do in a counseling session. Before I read this book I did not have a full understanding as to how one could properly incorporated scripture and prayer into the counseling session without making them feel uncomfortable. I would have liked more clarification on what to do when your client does not share the same beliefs as you do? How do you introduce scripture and prayer without imposing on them or making them feel like they have to do it? How can a Christian counselor incorporate their beliefs, while not making the client feel like their beliefs are wrong? Counselors must first be able to recognize when to introduce the theological approach. The approach should be introduced gradually to ensure that the client is comfortable with the approach. I also question how a Christian counselor should be able to effectively use prayer and scripture with adolescents. How can a counselor reach a teenager who needs direction and counseling? Teenagers are more focused on games and peers and TV, so how can you reach out to them when they have so many interjections. How can you counsel a child who has not accepted Christ into their lives yet? Should there be an age limit on when they may be too young to seek that type of counseling. The main focus overall is how can Christian counselors effectively impact each and every client, while still sticking to their own beliefs.
McMinn’s book can truly help you reach a new level of maturity that will allow you to seek more insight and healing and be a more effective counselor. I believe that this book would be an excellent resource for pastors. The book would help to enhance their counseling sessions as well as a great message for a sermon. This book challenged me to take the next steps learn more about the word and translate it into ways I can use it for future sessions. I must analyze different ways to approach the counseling session based on the client that is present. I must establish a technique that will help to strive to provide the client with a better sense of self and healing. I most importantly should educate myself on the bible as well as the ways to integrate it with psychology, so that when I am ready to incorporate it into my session, I will be prepared and confident about my approach. This book has encouraged me to look more into seeking a type of degree in theology so that I will really be able to learn the proper information and I will be able to be more effective.

McMinn, M.R. (2011). Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling. Carol Stream, Illinois, Tyndale House Inc

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