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4 P's for Oriflame

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4 marketing P’s It’s very important to consider the 4P’s analyze because it will help us to evaluate the weakness and strengths of the company. It also will give us an advice to discover the segment where company can easier succeed and the segment where it should work more and improve the strategies.

1. Product
Analyzing this step we can see if the product that company selling is the one that customers really need because this is the most important key to success. Oriflame offers natural cosmetic products which helps them to build the main core competence of the company. 2. Price
Why is Price so important? Price is the only element of mix that generates turnover and profits and this is the first choice criteria for consumers (especially in times of economic crisis). The price allows consumers to compare and make decisions, it directly influences demand (price elasticity) and gives an indication of the product’s positioning and quality.
Other influences which affect consumer demand is psychological price -> fix your price according to two points: the pricing floor (too cheap) and the pricing ceiling (too expensive). We can say that Oriflame keeping its prices between this two levels. This fact is an advantage for them because people can afford the products and choose them instead of more expensive brands, considering that in cosmetics industry are a lot of competitors. 3. Place
The positioning of a product or a brand, it’s making the great choice to put forward the product, to show the best aspects of it regarding competitors. The offer must be attractive and different to the consumer spirit. When a brand is less similar than another, the consumer will more remember of it. Oriflame’s products are not so different from Avon’s products or from another cosmetics company. The only aspect that make them special is providing of natural products.

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