4 Types of Research Theories

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Charlotte Cordova

October 6, 2011

American Intercontinental University


In this paper, I will discuss the four types of research theories – deductive, inductive, grounded, and axiomatic. I will also discuss why and how these theories are used, and which is the most relevant, or most important. I will discuss the differences and similarities in theory and hypothesis. I will also discuss variables, and why they are important components of theoretical research.

Four Types of Research Theories
When doing research, it is important to first have your idea, or subject you will be researching. Once you have chosen the subject, then the research begins. There are so many places to go to use as sources. There are books, articles in magazines or newspapers, interviewing sources, and the ever growing internet. Personal experiences are another great way of getting information for your research. There are many ways to obtain information for your subject, but deciding on the subject to research is the first step. Then you need to decide how narrow or wide-ranged your topic is going to be. One example is Crime Scene Forensics. Will the paper be done on the entire subject of forensics, or will it be narrowed down to one element of forensics, such as DNA testing, or maybe ballistics? This is a decision that you will make before you start researching the subject. A very intelligent instructor, said to choose something that interests you and the researching will be a lot more interesting and fun to do. I think this is a very good concept to remember about research, and can also make the project very fulfilling.
When doing research, there are theories that we use to obtain information. There are four main types of theories we use. The four theories are deductive, inductive, grounded, and axiomatic. These four…...