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4004comp Computing and Society

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4004COMP Computing And Society

The majority of the people living in the 21st century seem to be reliant on technology, however, does technology help or hinder me? As a biased approach I would strongly suggest that technology improves my quality of life to the extent that if it were removed from our society, i believe my quality of life would suffer dramatically. I am attached to technology every day of my life and so I have chosen 3 parts of technology that has improved my life dramatically.

The first and most important thing in technology that i believe has helped and improved the quality of my life would be medication. Not that i have a deadly disease that would kill me had i not take medication at certain times of the day but never the less medication has had a dramatic impact on me. When i was born the doctors noticed a slight problem with my immune system it wasn't a massive problem however it needed attention. I was given some medication and i was monitored for a couple of months until i was fine. On birth my immune system was weak and couldn't fight viruses or infections. It was the slightest of problems but imagine they had not had the equipment or technology to fix or even notice what was wrong with me, would i still be here today?

I mean look at Ebola for example, it started in West Africa some what 20 years ago and has recently returner infecting over 15000 people mostly in Africa a continent that I would say are decades behind the rest in terms of health care and modern technology. Had this disease started in the U.K or America do you think it'll spread as quickly around Europe as it did in Africa? I certainly don’t. These are things I've taken for granted living in a country with such advanced technology and i think without it it could of affected my life personally.

The British nurse William Pooley who...

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