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5.06: Assesment Chart

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5.06 Assesment Chart Bastille Day: July 14th Independence Day: July 4th
Origins 1. A meeting of the Estates General was called for the first time in 175 years to address the French’s economic state.
2. The decisions made during the Estates General did not provide much benefit to the Third Estate, the middle and lower class citizens.
3. After getting ejected from the Estates General, the Third Estate formed the National Assembly and agreed to the Tennis Court Oath.
4. Angry Parisians stormed the Bastille prison to free prisoner and rebel against the King starting the French Revolution. 1. The American colonies are fed up with the taxes and laws imposed on them by King George III.
2. The Second Continental Congress decides to declare independence from Great Britain.
3. After drafting, revising and …show more content…
Fireworks typically light up the skies of Paris every Bastille Day.
3. A ball is also held the evening before Bastille Day, July 13th, at the site of the Bastille prison, or Place de la Bastille as it is today. 1. Annual parades are held throughout the country celebrating America’s declaration of freedom.
2. Fireworks are a very popular tradition with displays found across the nation.
3. Barbeques, picnics, eating contests, and other food-related events are traditional activities for the holiday. They provide an opportunity for people to come together and celebrate America.
Symbols 1. La Marseillaise was a song crafted to encourage French troops to remain courageous in the time of the French Revolution. It is now the French national anthem and a reminder of liberty.
2. The Phrygian cap is a symbol of liberty to the French, specifically the Revolutionaries.
3. The French flag is a major symbol of Bastille Day because it was adopted after the King admitted defeat. Red and blue are the colors of Paris. 1. The American flag symbolizes the union of the country.
2. The colors red, white, and blue, found in July 4th decorations are symbols of courage, innocence, and

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