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5 Business Communication Tips for Your Small Business

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5 Business Communication Tips for Your Small Business

Today, thanks to the advancement in technology, the cost of running a small business could be reduced significantly. If you have a small business, you should know to how to cut costs and increase efficiency by utilizing the power of new technology. For most businesses, the cost of telecommunications could eat up a large chunk of their operational expenses. If you can lower this cost, you will have more cash flow to invest in other more important business activities. Many Fortune 500 companies are now utilize the power of VoIP technology to improve their telecommunications efficiency and lower their costs at the same time. If your business is still using the old fashioned analog phone system, maybe it is time for you to try out this break-through technology.


If for a traditional phone system, you can only choose a local phone number corresponding with the location of your business, things are much different with VoIP. When you sign up for VoIP, you have the option to choose whatever number you desire. You can have a US phone number even though your business office is located in Asia or Europe.

Big Savings on Your Monthly Phone Bills

For a traditional phone system, you will have to pay by the minute, so the more calls you make, the bigger your phone bills will be. With VoIP, you can get unlimited minutes for a fixed rate per month. This way, you have total control over your telecommunications expenses.

Video Conferencing Made Easy

You can only call one person at a time when you use a traditional phone system. However, with VoIP, you can easily set up a conference call with multiple people. This feature helps business owners save a lot of costs in setting up a real conference.

A Bundle of Useful Extra Features

In addition to the above advantages, you will also get many value-added features when you choose VoIP over traditional phone systems. Some features include sms function, caller IDs, personalized voicemail, auto-responder auto attendant, music-on-hold, corporate directory and 3-way calling.

Easy to Expand

With VoIP, you have the option to expand your package as per your need. You can start with the most basic plan and upgrade your subscription as your business grows. Best of all, you will only have to pay for what you actually use.

Mariam Thomas has been writing freelance for over 3 years. She is passionate about technology like interesting articles on business phone systems and telephone systems.

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