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Introduction Page 3

Project PlanningPage 3

Risk Assessment Page 4

Creative ThinkingPage 5

Working Together / ConflictPage 6

Political BehaviourPage 7

RecommendationsPage 9

ConclusionPage 9

Reference ListPage 10

BibliographyPage 10

AppendicesPage 11
Within the confines of this report we will investigate the 6 keys headline statements in delivering the finding. These are the project plan, risk assessment, creative thinking, and team working and conflict, political behaviour, ending with formal recommendations. The principal argument will look at the functionality of project management and the delicate balancing act of the different element that would bring a successful outcome or possibly result in failure.

1. Project Planning


What is a project?
A project is a programme of activities that have a beginning and end. Projects are generally used to instigate change, improvements or developments. This statement is underpinned by PMI ‘a project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to produces a product, service or result. (Project Management Institute 2008).

What is Project Management?
Project management is defined by, ‘initiating processes - clarifying the business need; planning processes - detailing the project scope; executing processes - establishing and managing the project team; monitoring and controlling processes - tracking performance and taking actions; closing processes - ending all project activity’ (Portny 2012)

What is a project Managers?
‘The project manager’s job is challenging - her success requires a keen ability to identify and resolve sensitive organisational and interpersonal issues.’ (Portny 2012: 21). As one of the principle stakeholders in the project their responsibility is reliant on...

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