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Dominique Rogers

1. Information technology is a combination of hardware, software, and service that people provide us with manage.

2. System analyst would be used for business process to programmers. It also would be used to speak a language that programmers can relate to.


4. Wal-Mart, Lowe’s and other companies, use Web-based marketing channels to increase sales and serve customers better. Helps with the convenience of online shopping and the alternative of hands on purchase.

5. Some of the components are hardware, software, data, processes, and people. Mission-critical is a vital to a company’s operations.

6. Transaction Processing is process data generated be day to day business operations. It’s also different process a set of transaction related commands as a group rather than individually.

Business Support provide job related information support to users at all levels of company.

Knowledge Management use large database called a knowledge base that allows users to find information be entering keywords. It also uses rules that identify data patterns and relationships.

7. Four level of organizational are operational employees, supervisors and team leaders, top managers, and middle managers. Top managers develop long range plans, called strategic plans. The level worker that would be rely on heavily would be operational employees.

8. System Development Tools:

Modeling produces a graphical representation of a concept or process that systems. It also describes the information that a system must provide.

Prototyping is an early working version of an information systems, it can also can serve as an initial model that is used as a benchmark to evaluate the finished system.

(CASE) – Computer-Aided Systems Engineering, it’s used as a technique that uses powerful software, it’s would...

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