5 People You Meet in Heaven Literary Analysis

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Tyler Dunaway

The Five People You Meet in Heaven Literary Analysis

The story The Five People You Meet in Heaven was a detailed and entertaining story, it was written by Mitch Albom. The main character is Eddie and most of the story is written about what happened after Eddie dies in a tragic accident. He learns five lessons about not just his life bur life in general, as he meets five people whose lives intertwined with his. From sacrifice to forgiveness Eddie learns that every life has an important meaning and purpose just as much as a persons death. So in this literary analysis I will be dissecting and critiquing this book using characterization, theme, and the authors use of the literary device of irony.
In the book Mitch give Eddie many character traits that make him a very round protagonist. An example of these traits is Eddie’s heroism. Eddie is heroic because there are at least three times that Eddie tries to save someone else's. In the process of saving someone's life he puts thoughts of his own life aside. One of the times Eddie tries to save someone's life is when he tries to save the little girl from the piers life. This heroic action cost Eddie his life. The second time he tries to save someone's life is when he is in the Philippines and him and his comrades are being held hostage and are in the mines while Rabozzo was sick. Their captors were messing with him while Eddie tried stopping them “He’s sick!” Eddie yelled, struggling to his feet. Crazy Two slammed him down again”(Pg 70). The third time he tried saving someone was when the squad was burning down the village they were kept hostage. Eddie thought he saw a shadow running through the flames and tried to save what he thought was a person put his squad had to subdue him. No matter the danger he puts himself in, Eddie will always try to save another’s life.
A theme commonly found in the story…...